154 Free Tron Themed Bitmaps with Wireframe Bitmap Pack 4


today we are releasing, (with a little bit of delay from our usual release cycle) another MA Lighting Ready Bitmap pack.

What you get

44 unique Clips that run at 30fps, beat matched to 60bpm, that go fully tron about the design, neon graphical high contrast shapes that morph organically. 20 clips are continuously loops, and 2 clips for transitions. convinently formatted in 1000px, 500px and 250px, so that you can use any clip at any size of mapping show that you have.

Additionally we have included another 66 of the Black and White clips, for the flashing people among you.

And for the first time ever there is the original formatted Version of the clips included in a 16*9 aspect, also reencoded for WEBM use with grandma Desks.

Enjoy the new Bitmap Pack.

Demo Video

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