154 Free Tron Themed Bitmaps with Wireframe Bitmap Pack 4


today we are releasing, (with a little bit of delay from our usual release cycle) another MA Lighting Ready Bitmap pack.

What you get

44 unique Clips that run at 30fps, beat matched to 60bpm, that go fully tron about the design, neon graphical high contrast shapes that morph organically. 20 clips are continuously loops, and 2 clips for transitions. convinently formatted in 1000px, 500px and 250px, so that you can use any clip at any size of mapping show that you have.

Additionally we have included another 66 of the Black and White clips, for the flashing people among you.

And for the first time ever there is the original formatted Version of the clips included in a 16*9 aspect, also reencoded for WEBM use with grandma Desks.

Enjoy the new Bitmap Pack.

Demo Video

Get your fingers ready for the new MA Hardware with our 4K GrandMA3 Command Layout

Hello Folks,

summer holidays are ending, embargoes are getting loftier and every where around us we can see fancy shiny new consoles popping up.

I know all of you are super eager to get your hands on the new MA-Lighting Hardware, and feel how super smooth the buttons are, and how colorful you can let the faders shine, but once all this aura of new hardware has passed you will see yourself considered with a new learning gap and also your hands wont feel at home anymore as all the buttons have moved to different locations now.

But fear not, we started a new project a while ago and today, i am lucky enough to share some of the things we worked on with you. Keep your eyes and ears open for this new project, hopefully i can speak about it in like a month or so… i dont know yet tho, lets see.

However we are currently looking for beta testers, so if you feel like you have the time for helping us with this project, let us know in the comments and create an account, we contact you with further information and add you to the list.

But lets not waste more time, here is the layout of our grandma 3 project. This will be exactly how the buttons will be layedout on the Fullsize and Light Consoles as well as the Command Wings, all will be similar, so if you like to get your muscle memory up to par to the new hardware, there you go ;)


Enjoy and remember, sharing is caring.

Click image for the full size image




1310 Free Layout View Ready Icons



Today we are releasing our, Full Release of Inhouse Icon Library, we here use this Library for almost all TV/Musical Work that we do. Most of the time we do the design and programming for TV Shows and Musicals in a way that almost every body can run the shows. So our clients setup their own people who run or operate the show.

To make things easy for the locals we create them multiple Layout Views so that they can simply start and test the show state  for errors or just the regular checks.

Other features our clients request are states of the show to be visible all the time. therefore we created show state icons with natural enabled and disabled backgrounds.




The Button Library is setup to include 2 themes, the MA-Style folder contains buttons that come close to the MA2 UI and the simple style is just simple and slick black and white icons.

You get every button in 5 variants, from 1x to 8x, this is defines the quality of the icon. The base icon dimensions are 60x60px and every X is multiplying it by the given number, so that you end up with a Icon of 480x480px. The buttons where designed to be tiny and easy on the load times. so even when you wanna go for the best quality icons, your approximate file size is not gonna be much bigger. the biggest button is 24kb.

But sometimes you want to have a small show file so you can decide for yourself which kind of button you would like to use, if you go for quality or if you go for less baggage.

Each library has a named coding to it, the first letter can be C for colors, B for beams, G gobos, P for position, F for fixtures, s for show items, se for show items enabled and sd for show items disabled.

After the letter is a number, so that you can count on the cheatsheet which icon you want to import, the counting goes from left to right and top to bottom.

An icon can also have a -s behind it, that indicates the simple version of the button.

Stay tuned for a couple of macros explaining you how to work with some of these icons and exchange them dependent on the state of show you are in dynamically.

If you like the library, comment and maybe even show of some of your creations here.

We here ar looking forward to what you can come up with them.



Click here for your direct Download.




Always See the Store Mode Macro

Following up on the last tutorial, Free Second Programmer in Grandma 2. I pick up on the technic i’ve used there, and show you a way to display the store mode you are currently in inside of your macro. It might be useful to you or not, but still you can learn a lot from this method, about how you can use macros in a quite useful way.



Im often using this for hectic and fast programming where there is not much time involved and i want to make sure to just do the right thing without thinking too much about what i have to do.

So when i store a preset i can just confirm with enter and i have stored the preset in the correct preset form.

Another plus side of this is that i am able to see all the time which store mode im using so i can quickly change it to whatever i need it by pressing any button 3 times and then i’ve completely cycled trough all store options i need.





Similar to the last Tutorial, i will use the method of naming a macro after i made an action on it, so that i will have its current option displayed forme to read.

We are going to create a 6 line Macro thats taking an already premade macro into account, but for the sake of making things easy we completely write it from 0.

Line 1: (this line has to be set to “follow” for the wait)

Assign Root ."UserProfiles"."UserProfile"
."Storedefaults"."presetdefaults" /mode=selective

Line 2: (this line has to be set to “go” for the wait)

Label Macro "global" "selective"

Line 3: (this line has to be set to “follow” for the wait)

Assign Root ."UserProfiles"."UserProfile"
."Storedefaults"."presetdefaults" /mode=universal

Line 4: (this line has to be set to “go” for the wait)

Label Macro "selective" "universal"

Line 5: (this line has to be set to “follow” for the wait)

Assign Root ."UserProfiles"."UserProfile"
."Storedefaults"."presetdefaults" /mode=global

Line 4: (this line has to be set to “go” for the wait)

Label Macro "universal" "global"

In Show:



Now all you have to do is assign this macro to a viewbutton or put it on whatever button you like to have it.

Whenever you now press this button you switch the store mode and you dont have to long press the store button for choosing your store method. I find it nice to work this way as it makes me work way faster by just switching to what ever mode i want to have and always be able to see the store mode im in.