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New free Pack of Bitmap Footage v.1.2

Today we come up with a follow up to our last bitmap Pack that is as the last one drag and drop ready for the Grandma 2 to work with.

You will receive some geometric shapes that blend in, that you can use for transitions or masking purposes. Sone looping geometries, some tunnel loop effects even some music related stuff with bpm in mind.

Preview of a couple of files from the Package

All Clips come in 3 Versions, the MaxSize is 1000×1000 in pixels, the MidSize is 500×500 pixels and the LowSize is 250×250 pixels.

All are in black and white and ready to be blended with your underlying contents. All in all its gonna be 165 files that you will have available to your hearts content. Enjoy this new pack and let us know in the comments if and for what you keep using them.

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  1. Sorry but everytime i download them, computer told me “the structure of the file is damaged”.

  2. Images loading failure

    Loaded 135 images of 180 selected size limit for images exceeded

    grandMA2 Onpc ver.

  3. Thanks for your work!!!

    May i ask which software you use to preview the mkv on osx? looks like your screenshot above shows a browser which i am looking for since ACDsee left ;-)


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