Abstract Pack #5 Available NOW

ASL is proud to announce the release of Abstract Pack #5. This hefty pack brings you 24 Abstract VJ Loops, beat matched to 120bpm to suit your VJ lighting flashing needs, all loops have multi camera angel versions for even more style in your visuals and variation in presentation, the pro Versions are available in 4K 30fps, this time there is a HDR encoded version available too, that has been mastered to 1000nits in luminance depth, pro version has also been rendered with a aces color garmut in mind .

Take a closer look at this Pack and find out about many more improvements in our official Abstract Pack #5 teaser trailer.



450 free Icons for your layout View in Icon Pack vol.2


Today we would like to announce the release of our second icon pack of Lighting centered images.

Like the last pack https://andreasschindler.com/1310-free-layout-view-ready-icons/?v=3a52f3c22ed6, this new pack has been designed with lighting topics in mind, you get arrows pointing in directions for your positions, grandma based icons on topics like store, appearance, matricks, mesh and so on, and general informational icons that you can purpose for your own needs.

This packs design had useability and size in mind your get 4 versions of each of the icons so that you can choose the best factor between file size and image quality. All of the icons where tested in grandMA2 and the new grandMA3 software from MA-Lighting, note that you now are able to put images into presets as well to make them standout even more, this hase been all a key point in the design of this pack as well.

Also a high demand for the last pack was, that the icons have backgrounds so that you can better highlight important areas in a layout, this has been respected in this pack now as well.

We wish you as much fun with this new pack that you had with the last one and as always enjoy your day.

154 Free Tron Themed Bitmaps with Wireframe Bitmap Pack 4


today we are releasing, (with a little bit of delay from our usual release cycle) another MA Lighting Ready Bitmap pack.

What you get

44 unique Clips that run at 30fps, beat matched to 60bpm, that go fully tron about the design, neon graphical high contrast shapes that morph organically. 20 clips are continuously loops, and 2 clips for transitions. convinently formatted in 1000px, 500px and 250px, so that you can use any clip at any size of mapping show that you have.

Additionally we have included another 66 of the Black and White clips, for the flashing people among you.

And for the first time ever there is the original formatted Version of the clips included in a 16*9 aspect, also reencoded for WEBM use with grandma Desks.

Enjoy the new Bitmap Pack.

Demo Video

New free Pack of Bitmap Footage v.1.2

Today we come up with a follow up to our last bitmap Pack that is as the last one drag and drop ready for the Grandma 2 to work with.

You will receive some geometric shapes that blend in, that you can use for transitions or masking purposes. Sone looping geometries, some tunnel loop effects even some music related stuff with bpm in mind.

Preview of a couple of files from the Package

All Clips come in 3 Versions, the MaxSize is 1000×1000 in pixels, the MidSize is 500×500 pixels and the LowSize is 250×250 pixels.

All are in black and white and ready to be blended with your underlying contents. All in all its gonna be 165 files that you will have available to your hearts content. Enjoy this new pack and let us know in the comments if and for what you keep using them.

26 Bitmap Ready Free Clips

Hello Folks,

a rather short update for today,

we release another pack of our acclaimed webM Bitmap Content Library.

The Content is rather Standart Vj Footage. Its rendered with 30fps and comes in a high and low quality Version that you can directly import into the grandma image library and can be used where you see it fit.

Enjoy, and take care.