Welcome to Schindler Design, an award-winning Design & Programming Studio founded in 2011. Home to talented people who create work that matters with the nessasary attention to detail. We are a friendly bunch. Why don’t you step inside?

Recent Passion Projects


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The craft we are most known for

Crafting work that has emotional impact and drives businesses for the most demanding brands worldwide.

This is the statement we live up to every day. We are up for challenges of all shapes and sizes. Doesn’t matter the industry or media, we aim to make a difference.

In order to deliver the highest standard of service and provide excellence, we trust in the honesty and straight talk.

Light Design

The idea is what makes our works unique and craft sends shivers down the spine. Our gifted team put a lot of passion and effort to deliver outstanding projects which will please your eyes.

— Realtime Graphics and Animation

No matter still or moving, our artists are the experts in both of these universes. Merging our unique, multi-field expertise, we can develop state of the art frames which will move your audience.

— Live Action / VFX

We create hyper-realistic worlds you dream to visit, giving you sighs of admiration and bringing delight into your fantasy. Always bold to push things further relying on our profound experience and vivid imagination.

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